Yard Art

Yard art enhances your garden’s appearance and makes it a more beautiful and enjoyable place for you to relax. Think about developing and designing your garden in the following ways:

1) Hardscape – poured concrete, stone pavers, decks, and rocks and boulders
2) Landscape – grass, live ground cover, flowers, bushes, trees, inert ground cover, like sand, bark and pebbles
3) Yard art – free-standing sculptures, fence-mounted and wall-mounted objects and images, and you can lay objects right on the ground also
4) Water features – in-ground or above ground fountains, fish ponds, and waterfalls
5) Fire features – gas burning and wood burning fireplaces
6) Cooking utilities – barbecues, gas stoves, and ovens
7) Lighting – use white and colored lighting to highlight the features and yard art you have chosen
8) Music – outdoor speakers add a dynamic aesthetic to the garden art
9) Furniture – garden tables and chairs, side table, and benches
10) Heaters – if you live in a cold climate consider heating equipment to extend the number of days and weeks you can use your garden and enjoy your yard art.

Buddha faces, Kwan Yin statues, and Greek masks make ideal yard art elements for decoration and design.