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Sacred Stone is the product of a mother and son team of artists, Deborah and Casey Bridges. These designs have been inspired by deities of the East, ancient sculptures from temple carvings. While the inspiration has come from antiquity, each design is an original sculpture created by Deborah or Casey. We hope that this imagery of stillness and peace helps you to create your own place of quietude.

How are the sculptures placed in a garden?

The Buddha and Kwan Yin are designed as fragments of monumental scale sculptures. As fragments, they are designed to be placed in a garden as though they fell there hundreds of years ago, or just yesterday. They are to be propped u p on any existing boulder or tree stump or dirt mound. Also, any heavy object like a concrete block or a piece of re-bar can hold up the sculpture and then be hidden with plants. The large fragments look best when surrounded by plant life.

What are the sculptures made from?

The sculptures are made from cast stone and light weight aggregates. They look old when you get them and just get more beautiful as they age. Some of the ingredients in the castings will age quickly and add character to the sculpture over the first few years. Moss growth can be encouraged on the sculpture if it is a moist shady spot of the garden. To do this you simply blend moss with buttermilk and place in selective spots on the sculpture and then keep moist.

How do the sculptures handle hard winters or extreme summers?

The sculptures are cast with fiber reinforced cement which is a composite of acrylics, color, alkaline resistant fiber, sand and cement. It has been used to make commercial high rise buildings for 60 years. It can break if dropped, but the outdoor environment will only cause it to age in different ways depending on the elements in its environment.

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