Coming this Spring, Eros and The Three Graces


We are still enjoying Greek Mythology and will continue to add to that line. Casey and I have some big ideas which will be ready for showing this Spring. Pictured here are the original pieces in clay. Eros is finished, The Three Graces are unfinished.

On a recent trip to Eastern Europe I found myself surrounded by classical sculpture. It was everywhere – in the city square, on the facades of most buildings and almost around every corner. I wonder what my art would look like had I grown up in Europe? My sculpture education was by apprenticeship and my visual aids were anatomy books and an occasional live model. There was no internet, therefore there was no plethora of visual stimulation. I had only a handful of books about sculpture. I had no idea, 30 years ago, how much sculpture there was in the Western world.

In my life as a sculptor I fell in love with the human form yet I did not want to be strictly classical and representational. I did not want to do what had already been done, yet here I was doing just that. It is tricky and challenging for an artist to find a truly original expression. The following photos, “The Three Graces” and “Eros” show my current work in process. Once they are finished I will make a mold and then the fun and the challenge will start. Check back in March to see where I take these pieces. Will they be cast in cement or ceramic clay? What will the surface and color be? Will they be fragments of the original or the whole? Will they be wall hanging pieces or free-standing? I don’t even know myself , yet.

Eros (finished)




The Three Graces (unfinished)