About Deborah

“I am drawn to sculpting the human form because of its emotive potential and ability to communicate feelings, mostly the spacious and quiet way I feel while working with clay.  
The garden sculpture is a fragmentation of sacred imagery of various cultures – Buddhas, angels, Greek and Roman gods – and I express these archetypal symbols in a state of transition and disintegration because they represent impermanence,  the passing of time, and myth-making, all pointing to the great mystery.
My encaustic paintings are an extension of working with clay, both being sculptural, and still intending to capture an atmospheric quality of ease, serenity, and spaciousness.”[/two_third]


About Sacred Stone

Sacred Stone is the product of a mother and son team of artists, Deborah and Casey Bridges. These designs have been inspired by deities of the East, ancient sculptures from temple carvings.

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