About Deborah

“I am a sculptor of stone, clay, bronze and cement. Though I am primarily self-taught as a figurative sculptor, a three-year apprenticeship in bronze sculpture set me on my path 26 years ago. Mostly focusing on the human face, I am fascinated and intrigued by the vast array of emotions the face can portray. My emphasis has always been the face and body, and always emotive. So, whether I am working in ceramic clay, cement, or bronze, I am moved to express a quality of beauty and spacious stillness.

I have also recently begun an exploration of two dimensional work with color through the medium of encaustic painting. Working with color and beeswax has opened yet another door in my fascination with expressing myself.

Beauty is something everybody longs for, needs, and tries to obtain in some way. The soul yearns for it.”

About Sacred Stone

Sacred Stone is the product of a mother and son team of artists, Deborah and Casey Bridges. These designs have been inspired by deities of the East, ancient sculptures from temple carvings.

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