3ft Buddha Fragment
Kwan Yin, Buddha, Greek Mask
Female scultures, female nudes
Buddha Faces, Buddha Face
Female Sculptures, Female Fools
Encaustic Paintings, Encaustic Art

Welcome to Studio Bridges, the site for Sacred Stone garden sculptures and the encaustic paintings and figurative sculptures of Deborah Bridges. Sacred Stone is the garden sculpture line of Casey and Deborah Bridges, a mother and son team of artists who have been working together since 2002. The source of our inspiration is the sacred and archetypal imagery of world cultures - Buddhas, Angels, Greek Gods, and the Divine Feminine. Each sculpture is an original design by Casey or Deborah who strive to create a sense of timeless serenity in their work. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Deborah Bridges Studies

Sometimes I am teaching and sometimes I am learning

Last month as part of my continual search for ceramic technique (which feels as though it could be infinite). I spent …

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Candid Shots From Studio Bridges Featured

Candid shots from Studio Bridges

There are so many little pieces that never get seen by anyone other than myself and my students. So many …

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2015 Show Case Deborah Bridges Featured

2015 Show Season

Working furiously as the 2015 show season approaches, see our show schedule page for this years shows.

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